Antivirus and Anti-Malware:

A computer virus is a malicious application that self-replicates and then sends itself to other computers. It can be through email, on a webpage, or from a USB device. We recommend three antivirus applications that will easily take care of you. All three applications do require an email address to register, but are completely free to use, after registration. Bitdefender gets out top mark for being easy to use, minimalistic, and does not nag you to upgrade to a paid version.

Malware is software that infects your computer and can cause several problems, such as slowdowns, browser pop-ups, ads, etc. Some malware even tries to trick you into thinking there is something wrong with your pc and asking you to pay for it to be "fixed", when the only thing wrong, is the malware itself. Most common malware is the browser hijacks that change your homepage from google or yahoo to conduit or ask, while displaying ads on every page. We recommend running out virus cleanup guide once a month to nail the malware.

Virus Removal Guide
Computers can get viruses just like humans. You might suspect that your computer may have become infected with a virus if it suddenly starts:
* Running slow.
* Desktop icons disappear.
* You’re directed to websites that are unfamiliar.
* Or if friends receive email from you that you have not sent.
Most of the time, viruses are not hard to remove. Follow our tech tips below and become a virus removal pro!

How to remove a virus like a pro:

1. For Windows 7, turn off your computer. While turning on your computer, quickly tap the F8 key twice. You should get a black and white menu. Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and press ‘Enter’. If you cannot get this to work, just restart your computer normally without pressing the F8 key.

2. After your computer has finished starting up, go to the internet and download the following free virus removal programs at Place a checkmark next to: Malwarebytes and SUPER. Press the BIG green ‘Get Installer’ button at the bottom of the webpage. Press ‘Run’ to install.

3. Once the programs have been installed, open them both and perform a “Complete Scan.” This may take up to 1 - 2 hours depending how full your hard disk is. Once the scans are complete, review & remove any viruses they might find.

Now restart your computer.... you’re almost done. Once Windows has restarted, go to and click “download now”. Most computers use the 32-bit version of Hitman Pro.

Install the program (if you get an error message, download and install the 64-bit version of Hitman Pro instead.) Click “run” and Hitman Pro will open. Click “next” and when asked if you’d like to store a file of Hitman Pro, select the “one time use” choice. You will need to give your email address to activate the program.

When the scanning is complete, Remove viruses and restart your computer. Voila!