My Guard Fitness Tracker

Sn. Properties
1 Fitness Alert – hit your 10,000- step goal.
2 Pedometer – step monitor and distance calculator.
3 Calorie Counter – Track calories burned.
4 Digital Clock.
5 Battery power – no need to charge up each night.

Achieving your health goals is easier with MyGuard Fitness Tracker. Calculate your distance, while keeping up with your step count. The Fitness Tracker helps you achieve your daily health goals with the 10,000 step Fitness Alert. Use the calorie counter to keep up with how many calories you have burned during activities. Stay comfortable with the sweat-proof wristband for daily use. Never be late with help from the easy- to-read Digital Clock. It's easy to stay in shape with help from the MyGuard Fitness Tracker.

Special Price $15.00 Each

Available in Blue, Green, and Black

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