Free Consultation:
some shops charge just to look at a computer and not fix the problem. Rest assured that you will never be charged if your computer problem is not fixed or a solution to your problem is not found.

Windows installation
We can reinstall the windows OS using your disk and product key and configure the computer to factory settings with free programs for a fee of 75.00. If customer does not have the license and or product key we can provide a new license and product Key for Windows 10 Home for a fee of 120.00 or with Windows 10 Professional for a fee of 150.00.

Other services:
Flat Rate as indicated below. File Backup: 30.00 for first 4GB, 10.00 for each additional 4GB backups. Cost of backup device separate. (Price of Flash drives: 8GB 10.00, 16GB 15.00, and 32GB 25.00). Tune-Up Basic: 60.00 (Ten Point tune-up): Reduce resident programs (startup procedures), Clean out inside of computer, remove junk files, fix windows errors, clean up Microsoft register files, and perform extensive defragmentation of hard drive. Tune-Up (The Works): 150.00 19-Point tune-up includes basic tune-up plus 7+ hours of tests and services performed on your hard drive and other hardware items to correct a variety of issues. Also includes testing and removal of viruses and malware issues. Virus and Malware Removal w/o tune-up: 75.00. Wipe hard drive clean to its bear bone using the DOD standard. 30.00 Customer receives a report/certification. File Recovery – 90.00. Microsoft Login Password Recovery: 30.00.

The Repair Process
Before each repair you will receive a price list of repairs options. Some are set prices and others are performed on an hourly basis. After you have chosen the option you want then we make you aware of the cost involve according to the price list or the amount of time involved if performed hourly. We will call before the work is performed if the cost is different than the estimated price provided at time of dropping off the computer. If you choose not to perform the work there will be no charge for the analysis provided.

We are proud that you chose us for your computer repairs needs. We guarantee our work and within 30 days if you have same problem we will fix it or adjust the price toward the repairs of a non-related issued.

Customer Privacy:
We have a very strict policy set in place to protect your privacy and your personal data.